Sunday, March 27, 2011

Michael Rich

Drawing 2

Project description:

Home is where the heart is. MICA is made up of many individuals from different backgrounds. Most of the time our homes mold us into what we are today. You will make a drawing that is based on what you consider to be "Home". The approach may be as literal or non-literal as you choose.


To explore yourself and find the location that molded you into the artist you are today.


Many materials and techniques are possible but something related to your major or upbringing is suggested.


The drawing has almost limitless parameters. The material, scale, presentation are dependent on what the artist may see their home as.


Research your state and city. Find some history of the area. Look up definitions of home.

Develop six sketches of your house. Then from there develop 6 representational sketches of home. They can be as loosely representational as you want them to be. From those sketches build a final composition and put it to paper.

Execute the drawing.

On critique day, you will be asked to give a brief presentation of your project following an open discussion of it.


Think and research!

Make use of your resources. Be open conceptually. The word home may not be as literal as you might think it is. Think about what influences from home helped mold you as an artist and as a person.

Good Luck!

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