Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Independant Drawing

3D Drawing
Project description:
Develop and construct a ‘cube’ drawing of an object, person, or place through 6 orthographic viewpoints; top, bottom, front, back, left side, right side. Think of this as a 3d drawing, you will have to create 6 drawings and fashion them together into a 3d object such as a cube, rectangle, etc. 
To produce a 3D representation of an object, person, or place through a 2D medium. Explore the possibilities of combining sculpture and drawing. Enhance rendering skills, use of color. Experimenting with viewpoints
Can be created through any material/media, just keep in mind how the structure of the 3d object will be formed and connected.
This drawing should concentrate on capturing the many viewpoints of an object, person, or place.
You may choose how to capture the top/bottom/front/back/left/right views.
The size of the finished piece is up to you. Go big, go small, create numerous constructed objects.
Your drawing must incorporate at least two types of media.
The drawing must be presented in a professional manner. Borders are optional, yet you must figure out how best the present the piece. Suspension is one recommendation.
The finished piece must be stable enough to hold in your hands in order to rotate the object and view the numerous faces.
Try and choose a subject that contains numerous sides. Stay away from symmetrical subjects. Pick an object/person/place that you can create some interesting viewpoints from. Look into box construction and what materials and fastening products would work best. 

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