Monday, March 28, 2011

Independent Project

Project description:
This will be a portrait(s) of anyone of your choice. The portrait will be accompanied by another drawing, of your choice, making it into a diptych. These two pictures have to relate to one another.

To achieve a like-ness in the portraiture and to be able to relate the portraiture to an object/place/thing.

Any materials could be used.

The drawing should be no smaller than 14" x 14".
Two images are required.

  • Plan out a couple of sketches to help with composition.
  • After portrait is done, make a list of things the person reminds you of. This could be related either with their physical appearance, or their personality.
  • Keep portraiture at hand while drawing the other half.

  • Make a museum quality piece, and be ready to present it well. Consider how you will hang it for critique. Leave nothing to chance.
  • Be sure to make a list of things the person may remind you of.
  • Sketches!

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