Sunday, March 27, 2011

Independent Drawing Assignment

Project Description:
Create a drawing of a landscape that is architectural in nature.  The final product should clearly address natural symmetry, and take on a systematic approach to the ambiguities of atmosphere.  
To develop a better understanding of environment and habitat in order to realize how everything is a related product of its culture and surroundings.   
The final image should bare a connection to one or more of the ideas generally associated with landscape - such as its mapped-out division created by imperialism, the gap between civilization and savagery, deforestation, the exchange and consumption of natural resources, urbanization, wildlife and habitat conservation.
All drawing materials are valid. 
Final product is open to all dry mediums, etc.
You must consider the elements of scale, space, and structure and how they work together as a sort of blueprint to what we actually see in reality.  
Highly suggested: use of measuring tools (compass and ruler),
                               graphing paper
Generate a few preliminary sketches.  
Gather information/ do some research on your area of interest.  You must choose an actual place that exists - whether it is of the Great Plains or the interior of your local Catholic Church. How much you choose to interpret and reconstruct/deconstruct from this realistic setting is up to you as long as there remains some definite visible clarity.
Expressively execute and illustrate the quality of the atmosphere; the certain ambience; mood that you are trying to depict with the use of your materials.  
Spend some time just sitting and observing the environment of the place you have chosen to depict (either physically or through film clips, photographs, etc.).  

Try exploring abstraction to get a better understanding of the underlying order of what is plainly visible.  Observe what comes “naturally” while creating your sketches.  
How do we begin to create and make order out of what we see?

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