Monday, March 28, 2011

Independent Drawing Assignment

Project Description
Make a drawing in response to/based off of a selected song.

To portray music in a visual form, and communicate the artist’s response to the selected song. The final drawing should ideally convey a particular mood (or variety of moods).

All materials/techniques are possible.

The piece is uninhibited in material, scale, and presentation. The final drawing may be representational or abstract, as long as it is a reflection of the selected song.

Listen to/analyze the song and develop a word list consisting of adjectives that describe the song, its mood, its message, and its effect on its audience.

From the word list, select a word (or two) that best encompasses the song as a whole. This word should be the foundation that the final drawing is built upon.

Develop a series of sketches, both representational and abstract, in response to the song. These sketches should serve as compositional/conceptual experiments and should include a variety of approaches in response to the song.

Execute the drawing after selecting the most successful idea/concept/composition from the sketches.

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