Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Individual Drawing Assignment

Angela Walker PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Complete a drawing based on one of the strangest thoughts that you've had since attending MICA. Allow the piece to act as a tool that teaches the class either about how you think, or your personality. GOALS: To break the boundaries of cautiousness amongst students. Often times art is about expanding boundaries and creating new ways of thought; by completeing this assignment students may find that they fell less restricted in their options for other assignments, and freer to create more in depth projects. MATERIALS: Many materials and techniques are possible. Consider the connotation of the materials used, do they play into the thought pattern, or represent you in any way? REQUIREMENTS: Consider all possible shapes and sizes for the piece. If the thought you had was vivid or overwhelming, a larger scale drawing might work better than a smaller one. If the thought was convoluted, perhaps a uniquely shaped canvas or 3D rendering with drawings on it would suit the piece. METHODS: Consider trying a conscious stream of thought. Start writing everything that you're thinking. Whatever comes out may tell you something about yourself that you hadn't previously known. TIPS: Be creative and bold.

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