Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Independent Drawing

Jackson Grove

Project description: Create and draw your own epic scenario, like an illustration, but not necessarily.

Goals: Make the viewers eye flow through out the piece fluently; allowing us to move about and find something everywhere we look. Challenge yourself to go beyond waht can be expected of you. Incorporate subject matters that you have never heard of rendering.

Materials: Any material may be used (graphite/charcoal/ink is preferred

Requirements: For this piece, the grander the scale, the better. The scenario must have a minimum of 5 main subjects going on. Must be panoramic in size (or cycloramic). Preplanning will be required of you for a successful outcome, because knowing everything going on in the piece ahead of time will make it look much more united and fitting. Its not easy making things work on the spot.

Methods: Write down things that interest you, do they relate? If not, they can, because in this drawing your imagination is the limit (cheesy phrase, but true). Try creating your own city or town and write down what you kind of things are going on, whether stores or homes, you decide. This will take a lot fo preplanning so make sure you do not just pre-sketches of the layout, but of the individual subjects within as well. Try to render in a neat and thorough way. Keep the light source consistent.

Tips: Don't let it get too confusing to look at! Try different ways of dividing the piece up so that there's a certain order in different sections. Try writing out a story for your piece and make that into your illustrative drawing. Let yoru artistic voice and personality work its way through the piece. Don't be afraid to take risks and don't be afraid to have fun. Be a winner. Find the fear, become the fear, become the night.

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