Sunday, March 27, 2011

Independent Drawing

Samantha Brodowski
Independent Drawing Assignment

Description:  Create a line drawing using shapes found in a pre-existing pattern
Goals:  to explore the advantages and limitations of an acrylic toned wash system incorporated into a drawing
Materials:  primed paper or canvas, acrylic paint, water, sponge, paper towels, charcoal
Requirements:  should be at least 20” square to allow for movement and variety in large, open strokes. No maximum.  1” border if using paper.  All forms and values are to be determined by the spontaneity of the wash.
·         Stretch and prime canvas/paper
·         Prepare wash by adding small amount of acrylic paint to water in a container. Not too thick, but not too thin.
·         Cover entire drawing area with wash.
·         Use the sponge, paper towels, or even your fingers, etc., to take out desired areas and change the consistency and opaqueness of the wash color. Let dry.
·         Come back in with charcoal and find and outline shapes to create an overall composition.
·         Choose one color for the wash only! This is a TONAL drawing.
·         Choose a theme for your drawing and the forms/figures will find YOU and emerge from the wash.
·          You can also use chalk pastel, colored pencil, etc. (be creative!) to do the line work. This can add more color and variety of line.

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