Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Independent Drawing

Independent Drawing

By Hannah Suh

Project description: Most students (hopefully all of them) miss their family when they are away from home. How would you describe your family members? What particular objects or anything remind you of them? What special memories of them do you have? You will make a drawing that depicts your family or anything that is related to them; it can be representational or abstract as long as it meets the goal. You can choose one of your family members or draw all of them.

Goals: To explore your family, objects related to them, or memories of them.

Materials: Any materials and techniques are possible.

Requirements: The material, scale, and presentation are dependent on what you see your family as.

Methods: Draw an idea map or brainstorming of your family. You may jot down anything that comes in mind. Then decide whether you will draw your family, objects, or memories; of course, you can draw more than one option on a single paper or on more than one.

Develop more than five sketches, build a mock-up from one of those sketches, and put it onto paper or anything you choose to draw on.

On critique day, you will be asked to give a brief presentation of your project.

Tips: Put anything that comes to your mind when you think of your family. Think about what would represent your family effectively.

Be open conceptually. Be creative and bold.

Good luck!

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