Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homework this week

Plan to spend 5-6 hours working on your independent and/or final portrait this week, and plan to spend the same amount each week until they are due.

Fairly soon you want to have your large self portrait blocked in the way we were working tonight. I would suggest you have this done by next class. Give yourself a time limit of about 3 hours to map out the drawing and block in BROAD areas of light and shadow.

In addition, spend 15-20 minutes on a simplified drawing of your final self portrait. Do it EXACTLY the way we did our 10-20 minute drawings tonight. Simple, broad values with a minimum of detail. EXPLAIN THE LIGHT. Then, post it on the blog before next class.

Independent drawing and sketchbooks are due April 26.
Final self portraits are due the following week. There can be no extensions.

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