Monday, February 14, 2011

Mixed media project Part I

Here is the information on the first part of the new two-part project based on your personal object. You will have studio time in class after dinner to begin this portion.

Mixed media project

Project description:

Develop a drawing of your personal object that incorporates a variety of media, or unconventional drawing medium.


To explore and learn the practical and expressive possibilities of varieties of drawing materials. To discover new ways to suggest light and space. Artists should strive to connect subject to materials and concept.


Many materials and techniques are possible.


This drawing should concentrate on the physical aspects of your object. Shape, texture, form, line, etc.

The entire object must be shown and drawn in a believable space.

Your drawing must incorporate at least two types of media.

The drawing must be presented in a professional manner. If appropriate, create borders or mount the drawing on board.


Use class time to sketch and experiment with materials. Look for materials that “play well together” and are appropriate to your object.

Begin the execution of your final drawing in class. Anything unfinished is homework.


· Choose a view that explains the form or function of your object. Consider strongly the design of your page.

· Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Due date:

This is class work. Anything not completed is due Tuesday, February 22.

Examples of Part 1

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